AFA Fostering


I want to foster

Our journey with AFA began when we answered an ad on Gumtree. The placement officer Jag called and made an appointment to see us and arrived promptly on our doorstep at the agreed date and time.

Jag has been a corner stone in our achieving our goal as foster carers. When we had a million questions to ask she answered everyone with a smile. We recently went through to panel with the words “you’ll be fine” ringing through our ears, and we were.

The whole process from start to finish was easy and comfortable with chances for you to speak about your life with some who came across as a friend. It was completed at our pace as both of us worked and had other commitments. AFA are able to work around you and make arrangements for visits and assessments when convenient for you. There is regular training for foster parents, this is tailored to our role as foster carers. I think the reason we enjoy the training is that the classes are small enough for everyone to join in and be heard. We have also had the chance to meet some great foster carers and some new ones whom we share our stories with and give each other hints and tips as well as hugs if need be.

My partner and I have never throughout the whole process thought this was daunting or something we felt we could not carry on with. We enjoyed the whole process and would encourage anyone who wanted to be a member of a great company to get on board. So thanks AFA for making our journey pleasant.