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Our pioneering Integrated Therapeutic Fostering service has been developed in collaboration with a leading residential therapeutic care provider.

Both organisations bring reputations for consistently innovative and high quality care in their respective fields.

Our partnership with Childhood First utilises the strengths, skills and expertise of the two organisations to offer a new Integrated Therapeutic Fostering service, initially in the East Anglia area.

Integrated Therapeutic Fostering harnesses the key elements provided by each organisation’s core services, and combines them to provide a new service. The new service enables children and young people who need intensive therapeutic support, and yet are able to cope with a family setting, to experience a consistent family life at the same time as healing the trauma of their past, supporting their recovery and developing improved socialisation and life outcomes.

AFA Fostering provides genuine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week social work support from experienced, dedicated and qualified staff, and Childhood First provides specialist training leading to a Certificate in Psychosocial Care, and ongoing therapeutic support aimed at developing the core relationship between child and carer/s.

We want to transform the lives of emotionally and psychologically traumatised children and young people, by enhancing the relationship that resilient and insightful foster carers develop with them, helping them to relate well to others, fulfil their potential and enjoy their lives.

Our Integrated Therapeutic Fostering carers earn an enhanced fee in recognition of the demands of this challenging and specialised role.

Do you have the emotional energy, time and commitment to devote towards making a real difference to a young person’s future? If you are a foster carer who is interested in furthering your professional development, or if you have direct experience of parenting and of working in a childcare role, we would very much like to talk to you.

For an informal discussion please contact Craig Noyes on 01603 559 255 or email