Being a foster carer can be a hugely rewarding experience. But it’s vital to get support from a fostering agency that truly cares.

AFA Fostering, also known as Anglia Fostering Agency, is an independent fostering agency. We exist to provide local, high quality care placements to children and young people in Norfolk, Suffolk, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and the West Midlands.

We provide genuine 24 hour a day, 7 day a week direct support from experienced, dedicated and qualified staff. You will receive high quality training and a highly competitive fostering allowance. Most importantly, you will be making a huge difference to a child’s life.

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Fostering in the Midlands, Norfolk and Suffolk

AFA Fostering works across Norfolk, Suffolk, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and the West Midlands.

These areas need dedicated, compassionate foster carers to take care of children with a range of needs. Many children in these regions have had difficult life experiences and need a chance to live in a stable home environment in which they can feel safe and flourish.

We have experienced teams in East Anglia and the Midlands to support our foster carers, their families and the children who need their care. If you live in these areas and would like to know more about fostering with us, please get in touch.

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If you would like to foster, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete our short enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to talk through your options.

This information will only be used to process your expression of interest within AFA as a potential foster carer and will not be shared with any 3rd party.

What makes AFA Fostering different?

AFA was formed by two social work professionals. With over 75 years’ social work and fostering management experience between them, they have a thorough understanding of what children and young people need to thrive.

A growing number of foster agencies are owned by private equity companies with the sole aim of making money. That’s not us. Our mission is to provide quality care with integrity and respect. This ethos underpins all that we do.

What our carers say

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