In this part of our blog series, we delve deeper into the relationship between our foster parent Katrina, and Chantelle, her foster child. After several years of tension, their bond started to strengthen through a series of deeply significant events.

Chantelle’s Voice: Opening Up and Facing the Past

Katrina recalls a day when Chantelle opened up about her past, a revelation that spurred an investigation involving the police. It was a significant moment for Chantelle, who was not only sharing her experience with Katrina but also bravely engaging with law enforcement.

Another transformative moment was when Chantelle first arrived at the foster home and raised the idea of adoption. At that point, Katrina and her partner Sandy explained that they were committed to fostering. However, five years later, they changed their minds and offered to adopt Chantelle, who initially refused out of a sense of retaliation—but eventually agreed.

A challenging period ensued as the adoption process was repeatedly delayed by Chantelle’s biological father. Despite his absence, he had the power to prevent the adoption. The constant court visits clashed with an important family event—Katrina’s daughter’s wedding in Australia. The clock was ticking, as adoption wouldn’t have been possible once Chantelle turned 18.

Taking Control: A Courageous Path to Adoption

One day, Chantelle decided to take matters into her own hands. Despite the potential risks, she was determined to attend the court hearing, advocating for her own adoption. Her courage paid off—after hearing her pleas, the judge decided to proceed with the adoption. As a result, Katrina was able to attend her daughter’s wedding, and the adoption was secured soon after.

Looking back, Katrina reflects that her most fulfilling moments as a foster parent have come from her relationship with Chantelle. It’s been a journey filled with challenges, but these breakthrough moments have validated her efforts and reinforced her commitment to fostering.

In Katrina’s words, “She took matters into her own hands then, and stood up and spoke up herself. So, most of my moments of like, ‘okay, yeah, that’s why we do it’, have all come from her really.”

Stay tuned for the next inspiring story of Katrina’s fostering journey with AFA Fostering, coming next Tuesday!

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