Does your child know how to look after their online reputation?

This week 02 / NSPCC have sent out a couple of links on how to keep your Childrens devices secure and to make young people aware to think before posting.

30% of secondary school pupils regret things they’ve said online. But if your young person is  about to hit their teenage years (or already has), they might need a hand understanding the idea that what they share may never go away.

Privacy settings are a good step in making sure that only people your young person knows can see their pictures and posts.

Please click on the link to view the video of how to keep your young people safe online.

Your young person / child  should know that anything shared online could be around forever, even if they delete it. Talk to your child about what could happen if the wrong person got hold of their information, and think about the possible consequences

This link explains more on the subject of ‘what to share online

There also some also very useful links on the above link/ website around safety issues. If you have any questions, please speak with your placement manager who will be able to help