Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – who’s problem is it? It’s everybody’s problem!

Do we all know what CSE is?  We may have head the term being used, but what is CSE?

CSE is a form of Sexual Abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity.

The official definition of CSE is –

Sexual exploitation of children and young people under 18 involves exploitative situations, contexts and relationships where young people (or a third person or persons) receive ‘something’ (e.g. food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts, money) as a result of them performing, and/or another or others performing on them, sexual activities. Child sexual exploitation can occur through the use of technology without the child’s immediate recognition; for example being persuaded to post sexual images on the Internet/mobile phones without immediate payment or gain. In all cases, those exploiting the child/young person have power over them by virtue of their age, gender, intellect, physical strength and/or economic or other resources. Violence, coercion and intimidation are common, involvement in exploitative relationships being characterised in the main by the child or young person’s limited availability of choice resulting from their social/economic and/or emotional vulnerability.

This definition of child sexual exploitation was created by the UK National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People (NWG) and is used in statutory guidance for England.

The National Working Group are doing some brilliant work in trying to tackle CSE, raise awareness and educate people about the impact of CSE and what we can do to help compact CSE.

The vulnerability of young people is used to manipulate them into the above acts and as a community we need to help protect our children from unsafe individuals by educating ourselves and educating our young people.

The NWG are holding a National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day March 18th 2016.  The National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day aims to highlight the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse and adopt a zero tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children and children forming inappropriate sexual relationships with their peers.

This is a good opportunity for us to all get involved and support the NWG in their work and work in partnership.


National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day – 18/03/2016 – SAVE THE DATE!