AFA’s CSE strategy

AFA’s CSE strategy was officially launched last week with the first of a series of training events for all staff, carers and Panel members. AFA recognises the risks and challenges presented by Child Sexual Exploitation, and that it is our responsibility to identify young people in our care who are at risk of CSE and to work with other agencies to safeguard and protect these young people.

Our CSE strategy aims to ensure a robust, co-ordinated response to CSE across the agency by focussing on 3 main priorities:

  • Identifying CSE – improving awareness, knowledge, understanding and recognition of CSE across the agency
  • Preventing CSE – ensuring children and young people and their carers have the right information and provision to help them keep safe and make healthy choices
  • Protecting Children and Young People – ensuring that plans are in place to safeguard and support children in our care who are at risk or who have experienced CSE

The implementation of the CSE strategy is being overseen by our Senior Management Operations Group, and Jag Kaur, Senior Placement Manager, is our CSE Lead Practitioner. Jag has developed a number of tools and resources to support staff and carers to safeguard children at risk of CSE, including the Triple T campaign encouraging children to “Talk, Talk, Talk” to protect themselves from CSE.

If you would like a copy of our CSE strategy or the Triple T campaign please contact us on [email protected]. For more information about CSE please go to the CSE National Working Group website