CSE update – Apps

I will be putting together a regular update with information I have found about CSE, internet safety and summaries from training I have attended.

Today’s update is on Apps

BRIGHT FUTURES PERSONAL SAFETY APP – Good for carers/parents and young people

  • Consent – permission, pressure and relationships.
  • Trafficking – recruitment, transporting and exploitation.
  • Parents’ information – signs of grooming and behavior.
  • Confidence and self-esteem – health and happiness.
  • Mental Health and self-harm – stress, depression and support.
  • Grooming – trust, abuse and exploitation.
  • Online and E-safety – cyberbullying and personal information.
  • Exploitation sexual abuse and relationships.
  • Domestic abuse – emotional, physical, sexual and financial control.
  • Substance misuse – smoking, drinking and drugs.

WUD U – Produced by Barnardos.

Wud U?  “Is an educational tool for teachers and care professionals who interact with young people that might be at risk of sexual exploitation.”

The Aim of the app is to educate young people about behavior that could put them at risk of being sexually exploited, through illustrated, interactive stories.

Professionals and carers can also use the app to:

  • Demonstrate how young people can make safe decisions.
  • Provide young people with more information about sexual exploitation, from a trusted source.
  • Help raise awareness of sexual exploitation by sharing the app.

That’s all for today folks.