Fabulous February – Fostering Training Round-Up!

It’s been a busy month for training!

We kicked off with CSE training –  always a difficult subject but vitally important to understand to ensure we can keep children safe.

Carers found this really useful with comments such as:

‘Some unexpected information that will really help in managing this if encountered e.g. Not looking at images for verification’.

‘Learning about how easy it is to get sucked in, also the signs’

‘Helps me be more aware of indicators and factors to help keep the kids safe’.

‘Good course highlights lots of factors to appreciate and understand’.

‘Help with discussion with child and reinforcing safety strategies.’

Then came Secure Base 1 & 2 followed by Safeguarding – comments included:

‘Good talking about other people’s experiences’.

‘The chat and hearing all the experience and how to work them out and work the risk’.

‘We can use our knowledge form the training to give more secure base to the children in our placement’

‘Help promote positive behaviour by positive encouraging body language as well as vocal’

Later in the month we had the return of Scott King from Section 31 Training delivering his ever popular, emotionally charged and frequently tear- inducing courses, A Child’s World and Siblings in Care.

In addition, he also delivered a new course called Managing Your Emotional Responses – very well received again by carers and fortunately, less crying!

As ever, feedback for these courses was very positive:

What was the most useful part of the course today?

‘Realising just how complicated some of the children’s lives have been and we can do things to improve the most difficult of cases. Learning how child’s behaviour works’

‘Listening from child’s perspective’

‘Actual real-life experiences, honest presentation’.

‘Great to know different approaches to behaviour and how it effects children’.

‘Practical evidence and remarks from someone who has been through the system’.

‘Seeing the importance of sibling connections’

‘Very informative to understand current siblings’

 ‘What effects it has on siblings being separated’.

‘How critical sibling contact is constant.’

‘Understanding how important endings and closure is for foster children’ 

How will the training assist you in your day to day work?

‘This has reaffirmed how we would aim to work with our child’

‘Gives insight into how children feel and react.’

‘Think about how I’m reacting and understanding’

‘Reflection about my responses and emotions’.

‘Seeing from child’s point of view and how complex behaviours can be.’

‘Has made me more thoughtful about understanding behaviour and why it happens’

‘Learning to read things differently for the best outcome.’

Any other comments about the course/catering/venue?

‘Great insight. Great course. Thank you’

‘Best once I’ve been on’

‘Excellent trainer, venue, food, etc’


Don’t forget – Scott will be returning to Norwich to deliver Working with Extreme Behaviours and Creative Ways of Working with Children in July 2018 – courses are filling quickly so speak to your Placement Manager, the office or drop me an email to secure your place!!

Using Supervision was next on the list – joint training for Placement Managers and Carers!

A very interesting course – lots of very positive feedback from both carers and Placement Managers.

‘I was very impressed with how Richard delivered the workshop. Reminded me of the supervision I had as a counsellor. All about the feelings that go with any confrontation/decisions made with a young person in your care’

Last but not least…..our three day Skills to Foster course with prospective carers:

Which have been the three most helpful parts of or things about the training?

‘Being so thorough and raw at times has meant leaving no stone unturned’.

‘Relevant to our situation – impact on birth children.’

‘The training has been relaxed and friendly environment making it enjoyable’

‘Things must be recorded’.

‘A good understanding of how the system works’

‘Understanding the differences in why children come into care’

What will you take away from the Skills to Foster?

‘Knowing all aspects of fostering caring for all genders religions and child no matter what race or creed. all need love support and guidance’.

‘It has made me look at even more aspects of fostering than we have to date as its been in our minds for so long we can’t wait to start!’

‘Greater understanding of what is involved/expected in becoming foster carer’.

‘A greater knowledge of what fostering is and a better understanding about children’s needs (even my own) RESILIENCE.’

‘Understanding children and their needs and possible things they have been through’.

Training News

*NEW COURSE* – Transgender and Gender Variant Awareness Training – Norwich Office – in May 2018

Please speak to your Placement Manager, Head Office or email [email protected] to book your place!!