Foster Care Fortnight 2017: What Professionals Say About Our Carers

To mark Foster Care Fortnight #FCF2017 , we would like to share with you some things that other Professionals working with these young people have said the following about our carers, which we would like to celebrate:

‘I feel the carers have excellent skills in managing some very difficult behaviours, these have decreased. Excellent communication.’

Quote from child’s social worker.

‘He now feels that he is a lucky boy, doing things that a lot of other students don’t get to do. His life with (foster carer) has given him access to all those things. This is positive as he used to dwell on the very negative side of life.’

Quote from a young person’s teacher

‘… it has been a pleasure to see these children smile, laugh and build attachments they (have) never had with an adult.’

Quote from the children’s Social Worker

‘I will now close N to our service due to him presenting as happy, settled and confident.’

Quote from a child’s therapist