Foster Care Fortnight 2017: Our Carers’ Pledge

To mark the end of Foster Care Fortnight #FCF2017, we would like to share the pledge that our carers have written:

Children are at the centre of our world. We will always place the child at the centre of the fostering process and aim to act in their best interests at all times.

Holistic approach. We aim to take a holistic approach to caring for our children which includes taking account of their religious, linguistic and cultural needs. We support their heritage, health, interests and education.

Integrity. We will always keep our focus on the child, doing everything we can to overcome challenges that could throw us off course.

Listening. We aim to listen with all of our senses. We understand that children cannot always articulate how they are feeling, so we need to help them get across their feelings and opinions. We aim to support our children to feel they can contribute to the discussions and decision making that affects their lives.

Development and Training. We are committed to our own personal development as Foster Carers through training and reflection during our supervision. We are open to challenge to ensure that we improve our skills and practice as Foster Carers.

Respect. We respect everyone who we come into contact with as Foster Carers, including children, birth families and professionals. We keep an open mind and welcome advice and support which enhances the care that we give to our children. We respect ourselves and our own health and well-being and are aware of when we need to ask for support in order to help us to care for our children.

Education. We will encourage and support our children to reach their full potential. We will help them to develop independence skills to make life easier for them as they grow older.

Nurture. We will provide nurturing, consistent and child-centred care of the highest quality that we can.