Welcome back to our ongoing series featuring Katrina, an experienced foster parent with AFA Fostering. In previous entries, we’ve explored Katrina’s journey, the lessons she’s learned, and how AFA’s training courses have played an integral part in her fostering career. In today’s post, we’ll delve into Katrina’s unique interests in specific training areas and how they’ve positively impacted her approach to fostering and beyond.

When asked about her preferences regarding training courses, Katrina’s enthusiasm was evident. “I do a lot of online training. I’ve always asked for extra of that,” she said. Her interests range from learning about county lines to understanding specific conditions such as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), autism, ADHD, and cerebral palsy.

Exploring the Value of Specialised Training for Foster Parents

Katrina explained her approach, “If I’ve got a child with a specific problem like FAS, autism, ADHD… I really like to do a course on that so I can understand it more.” Not only does she learn from the textbook but she believes that living with the child is a learning experience in itself. However, she emphasised the importance of having a base understanding beforehand, which she gains from the training.

A recent instance that highlighted the value of these courses was when Katrina welcomed a child with cerebral palsy into her home. She admitted, “I had no idea about the condition,” and promptly took an online course to learn more about the effects on the child. This course not only equipped her with knowledge but also helped in practical situations, like differentiating between an activity chair and a wheelchair.

Living and Learning: The Dual Role of a Foster Parent

Interestingly, Katrina’s thirst for knowledge extends beyond her role as a foster parent. As a dance teacher, she often finds herself sharing information from these courses with her teenage students. “A lot of the time I’m passing this information on to them,” she said. In one striking example, a former student disclosed her involvement in county lines. Thanks to Katrina’s training, she recognised the signs and has since tried to maintain contact to ensure the safety of the young woman and her child.

Katrina affirmed, “If it’s got anything to do with youth, I’m particularly interested in that,” encapsulating her unwavering commitment to the well-being of all the young lives she interacts with.

Impacting Lives Beyond Fostering: The Ripple Effect of Knowledge

Through Katrina’s story, we see the transformative power of continuous learning and how it can permeate beyond our immediate roles. Her example serves as a testament to the comprehensive training AFA Fostering offers, ensuring our foster parents are well-equipped to handle various situations and challenges.

Stay tuned for the next inspiring story of Katrina’s fostering journey with AFA Fostering, coming soon!

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