In this ninth episode of AFA Fostering’s series, Katrina talks about how she helps new foster children adjust to their new home.

Katrina explains that in many cases, social workers will drop the children off at their new home with minimal transition time, leaving Katrina to step into a nurturing role immediately. To help the children adjust, she adopts a very hands-on approach that includes storytelling, gentle play activities, and providing a comforting presence.

Embracing a Nurturing Role

She also emphasises the importance of creating routines for the children. With routines, the children know what to expect, helping to create a sense of consistency and stability in their new environment. This predictability can help them settle more comfortably into their new home.

Fostering Individuality and Acceptance

Katrina also believes in giving children the freedom to personalise their own space, further fostering a sense of belonging and ownership. For younger children, this could mean picking out their own duvet covers or decorating their rooms with chosen teddies. For older children like Chantelle, they might have more significant input, such as deciding the room’s overall decor or even the colour of the walls.

In Chantelle’s case, Katrina permitted her to have black walls on which she could vent her frustrations and express her creativity. The juxtaposition of the blackboard walls with Chantelle’s sweet, whimsical drawings illustrated the dual realities of Chantelle’s experiences – the challenges she faced, and the childhood innocence she wanted to hold onto.

Katrina’s understanding and accommodating approach emphasise the essential role of acceptance and empathy in foster care.

Stay tuned for the next inspiring story of Katrina’s fostering journey with AFA Fostering, coming next Tuesday!

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