Today, we’re taking a step back from our usual posts to share with you a heart-warming story of dedication and commitment to fostering, and we’ll be doing this in regular instalments right here on the News page of our website, so do check back regularly for each new episode!

In this series, we meet Katrina, an incredibly passionate foster parent who, together with her partner Sandy, have been a part of our AFA family for 13 years.

The Start of Katrina and Sandy’s Fostering Journey: From an Empty Nest to a Full Heart

When Katrina and Sandy started their fostering journey, they were at a transitional point in their own family life. Their three children were already grown up, a daughter who had emigrated, another daughter at university and the youngest about to head off to performing arts school. With the nest nearly empty, Katrina and Sandy began exploring fostering, a path they had initially considered 35 years ago, when they had just had their first child.

Motivations Behind Fostering: A Personal Connection and Love for Children

Katrina was adopted herself, so the idea of providing a home for a child in need had always been close to her heart. They initially considered fostering as a way to adoption but were discouraged by the warnings from the local authorities. However, Katrina never quite shook off the idea, it had always stayed in the back of her mind.

Revisiting their fostering aspirations years later, with the departure of their youngest child imminent, they found their way to us at AFA, a decision that has been enriching their lives ever since.

Sandy’s motivation for fostering stemmed from his love for their own children and enjoying their company. He knew about Katrina’s longing to foster and adopted the sentiment with enthusiasm, wanting to keep the household lively with the sound of children.

The Experience of Fostering: Long-Term Commitment and the Joy of Extended Stays

Over the past 13 years, Katrina and Sandy have cared for 10 children. While some families have seen hundreds of children come and go, Katrina and Sandy have chosen to focus on more extended stays. Their shortest stay to date, 18 months. They even took a break from fostering to adopt a young person they had been fostering, proving their commitment to giving children a loving, permanent home.

And that’s how a foster family’s journey can unfold. If Katrina’s story inspires you and makes you wonder if you too could foster, remember that each story is unique, just as each foster family is unique.

Stay tuned for the next inspiring story of Katrina’s fostering journey with AFA Fostering, coming next Tuesday!

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With us, you’ll never be alone on this journey. We provide comprehensive training and 24/7 support to our foster parents to ensure you are fully equipped to provide the best care. Alongside the emotional rewards, a competitive allowance is also in place to help you in providing for your foster child.

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