Continuing our series featuring Katrina, an experienced foster parent with AFA Fostering, we delve into a topic many of us often ponder – those moments when you feel like you’ve truly made a difference. In fostering, those moments can be as subtle as a child starting to trust again or as momentous as seeing them move on to a loving, permanent home.

Building Attachments: The Heart of Fostering

Katrina has experienced many of these precious moments, but one of the most significant was with her foster daughter Chantelle. However, she also shared an insightful view of her experiences with younger children, many of whom arrive with attachment issues.

“A lot of them come without any attachment, you know, attachment problems. And then when they start to attach to you, you know, that’s very rewarding,” Katrina explains.

The Rewarding Journey from Foster to Adoptive Parents

She recalls a particular case of some young children who were recently adopted. When they first came into Katrina’s care, these children had been ‘passed from pillar to post’, unable to form meaningful connections. However, after nearly two years with Katrina, they began to develop the ability to bond with others.

Katrina found it immensely fulfilling to watch them move on to their adoptive parents, knowing she had played a part in preparing them for this new chapter, “And to see them move on and make new attachments is very rewarding, and for those who return home I really hope we have had a positive influence on their happiness and taught them some strong life skills to help them and their families move forward with their lives.”

Lasting Bonds: Beyond Foster Care

However, Katrina’s care for her foster children doesn’t end once they leave her home. She stays in contact with most of her children, recognising that those who return to their birth families may still face challenges. Her commitment to providing ongoing support underlines the depth of her dedication.

Through Katrina’s experiences, we witness the profound impact that foster parents can have on the lives of children in their care. These small but significant moments underscore why fostering is such a vital and rewarding role.

Stay tuned for the next inspiring story of Katrina’s fostering journey with AFA Fostering, coming on Tuesday!

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