In the final instalment of Mandeep and Harpreet’s fostering journey, we delve into the emotional rewards and the community support that make the challenging aspects of fostering worthwhile. Mandeep recounts a moment when their four-year-old foster daughter told her, “You keep me safe.” This simple expression of trust and security made all the hurdles they’d crossed worth the effort.

Support from AFA Fostering has been a cornerstone of their fostering experience. Mandeep mentions her fostering social worker, Jag, as a significant source of emotional and moral support. “Jag is always just a call or text away, guiding us through challenges,” Mandeep adds.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, of course. The emotional toll can be heavy, especially when the children they’ve grown attached to have to leave for adoption. Despite the challenges and emotional ups and downs, Mandeep stresses the overall positive impact fostering has had on their lives. “The love you give and receive outweighs it all,” she says.

If you’re considering becoming a foster parent, Mandeep has some encouraging words: “Don’t let the fear of challenges deter you. The greatest gifts you can offer are a stable home, unconditional love, and a willingness to understand and support a child’s individual needs.”

Here we conclude our journey with Mandeep and Harpreet, encapsulating the heart-warming and fulfilling experience that fostering can be, despite the challenges that come with it.

Did this story resonate with you? Imagine the fulfilling journey you could embark on by transforming the life of a child or young person. If you live in East Anglia or the East Midlands, and can offer a spare bedroom for fostering in a caring, secure home, you already have some of the groundwork for becoming a foster parent.

With us, you’ll never be alone on this journey. We provide comprehensive training and 24/7 support to our foster parents to ensure you are fully equipped to provide the best care. Alongside the emotional rewards, a competitive allowance is also in place to help you in providing for your foster child.

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