Fostering Friends October group

The Fostering Friends group met on 26th October 2015 at the Costessey Centre in Norwich. Those present had fun making their own pizzas for lunch. Later in the day, Nigel and Graeme came along to thank those present for all the support that they give their parents in the role of fostering and to provide them with personal letters of thanks as well as donuts and cookies for their pudding.

Since then, letters have been sent out to all the sons and daughters of carers who live at home with their parents and play a part in fostering. We all strongly feel that they play a key part in helping to support the children you look after.

As a way of illustrating our continued commitment to supporting sons and daughters of foster carers, AFA has put together information to detail the input and support that we will offer them. This is something that was discussed with the fostering friends group and which they approved of. Please make sure your children know all about it.

Please follow below link to view guidance:

sons and daughters guidance document