Are you considering whether fostering siblings could be the right choice for you?

Fostering siblings can be an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing brothers and sisters to stay together during a challenging time of transition. In England, more than 1 in 3 children in care are separated from their siblings, which is why keeping brothers and sisters together is very important to us.

If you have more than one spare bedroom, you might be able to help.

Here are five reasons to consider fostering siblings:

1. Preserving Family Bonds

For many children and young people entering the foster care system, being separated from their siblings can be one of the most traumatic aspects of their experience. By fostering siblings together, you have the opportunity to preserve these important family bonds during a time of uncertainty. Keeping siblings together provides a sense of security and continuity, helping to ease the trauma of being separated from their birth parents and familiar surroundings.

2. Supporting Emotional Well-Being

Fostering siblings allows children and young people to provide each other with emotional support and companionship during a challenging time. Siblings often share a unique bond, forged through shared experiences and memories, which can offer comfort and reassurance. Having a familiar face by their side can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.

3. Stability and Continuity

Stability is crucial for children in foster care, and keeping siblings together can contribute towards a more consistent environment. By fostering siblings together, you help maintain a sense of continuity in their lives, minimising disruptions and providing a sense of belonging. This stability can have a huge impact on overall development and the ability to form healthy relationships.

4. Encouraging Lifelong Connections

Fostering siblings not only benefits the children while they are in your care, but it also lays the foundation for lifelong connections and relationships. By nurturing the sibling bond and fostering a supportive family environment, you help create lasting ties that extend beyond their time in foster care. These connections can provide a sense of identity and belonging that lasts long after they leave your home.

5. Making a Lasting Impact

Fostering siblings is a powerful way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of multiple children simultaneously. By opening your heart and home to siblings, you have the opportunity to positively impact lives and shape futures. Your commitment to fostering siblings can empower children to overcome adversity, thrive despite challenges, and ultimately build a brighter future.


While fostering siblings can be extremely rewarding, it can come with its own set of challenges, like needing more time and space in your home (each child usually requires their own bedroom). However, you will always feel well-supported by the AFA Fostering team, with training, advice, and 24/7 support.

If you’d like to find out more about fostering siblings, get in touch with our friendly fostering advisors today.