Great LILAC News

During November 2014 AFA has been assessed by LILAC (Leading Improvements for Looked After Children). The assessment involved questionnaires, interviews with children, foster carers, staff and the two Directors as well as examining AFA policies and procedures.

We have fully achieved all of the 7 standards. We are very proud of this achievement.

LILAC is powered by ANV (A National Voice). This means care-experienced young people are behind it. In fact the standards themselves were devised and are reviewed by care-experienced young people. Moreover, the actual assessments are carried out by fully trained care-experienced young people. As LILAC say, “It’s exactly as it should be isn’t it?”

Congratulations to our children, foster carers and staff, who are working so hard to ensure high standards are at the forefront of our thinking and planning.

The full LILAC report will be published very soon but here are a couple of quotes from the LILAC assessors in the meantime:

It was a pleasure meeting with the Directors, there was a genuine attitude in making the children and young people feel supported and contribute in services”.

“It is evident that AFA is leading by example, there is clearly some good evidence of good work involving children and young people from care”.