ITF Carers Complete IST Training

The first cohort of four ITF carers have now completed their IST Certificate. The carers came from a wide variety of backgrounds: some were relatively new to fostering whilst some were very experienced. Conversely, some had much more experience of academic study than others.

IST stands for “Integrated Systemic Therapy” and is a form of therapy which has been developed for over 40 years by Childhood First, beginning with their origins as Peper Harow Therapeutic Community. IST courses are accredited through Middlesex University, and the IST Certificate is the first stage of this training. IST training is essentially tri-partite, in common with most approaches to psychotherapeutic training, and this means that it has three strands, and that achieving a good integration of these strands is a key ingredient to a student’s success. In the case of ITF, these are Reflective Practice Groups (experiential learning), Seminars (theoretical learning) and Supervised Practice (practical learning.) All the carers were supported in this by both partner agencies, AFA (Anglia Fostering Agency) and CF (Childhood First).

We would like to congratulate all our carers on their dedication, commitment and success!