Radio 4 Today Programme and fostering

Radio 4 Today Programme: Private Equity Investors and Fostering

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Radio 4 Today Programme: Private Equity Investors and Fostering On 27 August, BBC Radio 4’s Today programme ran an in-depth article on the effect of Private Equity investors buying up small Independent Fostering Agencies, in the process creating three very large organisations which between them dominate the fostering market. We at AFA Fostering agree with…
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Choosing a fostering agency

Which Fostering Agency Should I Choose?

Which Fostering Agency Should I Choose? When you’re beginning to think seriously about applying to foster, there will be a lot of decisions to make. One of them will be who you want to foster with; your local authority or an independent fostering agency? And, if you chose a fostering agency, how do you find…
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Let’s Go Wild in Norfolk!

Let’s Go Wild in Norfolk! The 2019 summer e-magazine ‘Visit Norfolk’ is now available online at: and it’s full of great things to do over the summer. Norfolk is a particularly good place to live if you are interested in wild animals, and there are none so famous (and cute!) as the seals on…
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surviving to thriving

Surviving to Thriving

Surviving to Thriving We regularly identify current research, events or developments which we feel may interest you. This month I want to let you know about a free conference I attended in June 2019, which was organised by the British Red Cross, UpRising and the Refugee Council. The study entitled, ‘Surviving to Thriving’ summarised the…
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Fostering babies

Fostering Babies and Toddlers

Fostering Babies and Toddlers As part of your application to foster, you will be asked what age children you’d be willing to look after. Have you thought about what’s involved in fostering babies and toddlers? Fostering any child is a 24/7 commitment. You may think that this is most keenly felt by those foster parents…
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Swim safe

Take Care, Swim Safe!

Take Care, Swim Safe! RNLI volunteer lifeguards have hands on experience of rescuing children and adults when they get into difficulty in or close to water. With this is mind, Swim England (the national governing body for swimming) and the RNLI teamed up in 2013 to run ‘Swim Safe’ sessions for children age 7-14. These…
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What Our Carers Say: Sara

What Our Carers Say: Sara Sara, one of our foster carers, explains what fostering means to her and her family, and what AFA have done to help them on their journey. She summarises: “If you’re thinking about fostering, I would say it’s a fantastically rewarding experience, but not something you should go into without asking…
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FCF19: Our Carers: Zadie and Mark

#FCF19: Our Carers: Zadie and Mark This Foster Care Fortnight, was wanted to share this wonderful fostering success story. Here are two of our foster carers, Zadie and Mark. The third pictures is a young lady called Zydonie. Zydonie was fostered by Zadie and Mark and has now ‘stayed put’ after turning 18. It’s a…
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