Sons and Daughters Month – Foster Carer Comments

We have received some great feedback from our carers around their children and how they are get on with fostering:

“She’s fantastic with the babies. She sits and plays and she helps out. She gives me a hug when I need one. She picks up on things and is sensitive to others. She lets us know what is going on”

“She’s a referee and helps when the others argue. She’s their soul mate. She will defend them to the hilt and they will defend her to the hilt. She follows the others in doing the right things. She’ll let the others help her too. She is like our ‘big brother’ – she can go and check on them and keep an eye on them.”

“He is great with the babies. He picks them up and sits them on his knee or sits on the floor playing with them. He got on with J but was scared of M. K was like a big sister. He has seen people in the home from 2 days old to 34 years and he adapts to who is in the house”

“she is a mother hen. She changes his nappies or feeds him. She also gets him dressed. She still asks to see K. she knows when to stay out of the way”

“she sits and plays with him and kisses him. She wants to do what the older ones do even when she can’t.”

“She’s my backbone. She’s the strong one. They are as thick as thieves and get on really well together. She helps in general with what I need her to do. She was fantastic with the babies. She spent hours helping them develop and was so patient. She is 100% support for me.”