On the 19th June 2016 I will be undertaking the Gherkin Challenge. Sadly this is not how many Gherkins you can you eat in an hour, but climbing the 38 floors (1,034 steps) of St Mary’s Axe, London. Personally I would prefer climbing the 38 floors.

My sons (8 and 13 years) and I, are undertaking this challenge to raise money for the NSPCC.

A child contacts ChildLine every 25 seconds. Therefore whilst we climb to the top: approximately 27 children will call ChildLine in this time.

If you could spare some change or be happy to sponsor us in our challenge, we would be really grateful. However not as grateful as the support this may provide, to a child/young person in need.

You can sponsor us via our sponsorship page on the Just Giving link below.


Thank you for your time.


(AFA Placement Manager – Anglia Region)