Top 10 tips for World Book Day

  1. Don’t let the kids decide – they will come up with all sorts of impossible costumes
  2. Look in the dressing up box first – use old costumes as a start to making a new one
  3. Start with Pyjamas – the Darlings from Peter Pan, Sophie from BFG
  4. Start with an Animal costume – Cat in the Hat, Fantastic Mr Fox, Aslan,
  5. Start with a School uniform – St Trinians, Hogwarts,
  6. Start with a Striped jumper – Dennis The Menace, Where’s Wally, Horrid Henry
  7. Start with Accessories – Striped tights (Pippi Longstocking), Plastic bucket filled with toys (Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs), a basket and a red cloak (Little Red Riding Hood), red hat, red scarf, duffle coat and small suitcase (Paddington Bear)
  8. Try to encourage your child to be original and not to copy others as this will make their costume stand out.
  9. Be creative with card – use boxes to make the Tin Man costume or make a giant tabard and paint it gold and go as the golden ticket from Charlie & The Chocolate factory.
  10. Think Harry Potter – a magic wand made from black and white card, a cloak and face paints, an old broomstick