Mainstream fostering


AFA Fostering provides a variety of different foster placements to meet the differing needs of Looked After Children.

Long Term foster placements

A child remains as part of the foster family throughout their childhood as a member of that family. This can include Permanent placements.

Short Term and Bridging foster placements

These meet the needs of children on a short-term basis. This may be before returning to their birth family, or moving to an alternative Long Term or Permanent family. These can also be pre-adoptive.

Emergency foster placements

These meet the immediate needs of children. These are often placements needed on the same day or night, and weekends. These can also be unaccompanied minors.

Respite foster placements

A respite placement provides support to families who do not have their own support network. It may also be for a means of supporting other foster families.

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