What We Think of Fostering – from two children who foster

Two children who are quite new to fostering, were interviewed by one of our placement managers and gave the following thoughts:

“It’s pretty hard but it feels really good to know we’re helping people.”

“It’s nice but it’s really different from what we imagined.  I used to think they wouldn’t speak to us or play with us, but they do and the child who lives with us even gets upset when we leave.”

Both children remained enthusiastic about fostering, but shared how difficult they had found adjusting to the new routines of having other children in the home.  They hadn’t expected to find it hard, but still felt it was worth making the changes so that everyone in the household got what they needed.  They described having a period of adjusting to living with new children, finding ways to help with making them feel at home, but also finding time and space on their own.

Their mother added “there’s no time that they’re not involved in helping with fostering, helping with feeding at dinner, playing or having a cuddle while watching TV.  They’re a big part of it.”

Many thanks to them and all of you for the help and support you give your parents in fostering.