World Book Day

We all know reading sparks the imagination and enriches the mind. Immersing in a new book lets your imagination run wild, feeling the emotions of the characters and picturing the scene in your mind’s eye with every turn of the page bringing a new discovery. World Book Day is all about getting children closer to the books they already love and exploring something new. It is a celebration of authors, illustrators and books which aims to encourage more children to read, appreciate books and develop a lifelong love of reading.

It was first celebrated on 23rd April 1995 and is a registered charity whose funding comes from contributing publishers and the generous sponsorship of National Book Tokens Ltd.

Each year, for World Book Day, National Book Tokens are sent to schools and distributed to children under the age of eighteen. The token is then exchanged for one of a choice of ten exciting new, exclusive and completely free books at a participating bookshop.

Tokens are redeemable from Monday 29th February until Sunday 27th March, inclusive. This year World Book Day is on Thursday 3rd March with events being held in many schools, libraries and bookshops across the country.  Children are often encouraged to dress up as their favourite character, spend time discussing their favourite authors and stories and have a book swap with their friends, even start a book club!